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How do Colombian coconuts blend folklore and creativity in functional objects?

ROMPECOCOS draws inspiration from the tropical coconut, a symbol of adventure and mystery found in the palms lining the beaches of the Colombian Caribbean. Not only is the coconut a revered fruit, but in Colombian folklore, it embodies a traditional monster used to encourage children to be diligent and complete their tasks. In local expressions, "es un coco" signifies intelligence, while "se rompió el coco" signifies putting in considerable mental effort.

Inside ROMPECOCOS reside a host of charming MONSTERS, waiting to aid in the assembly of a delightful puzzle. When they rest, forming a coconut-inspired puzzle, they transform into functional everyday objects, brought to life by the imagination of the user.

The fusion of Colombian coconut folklore and creative functionality, inviting you on a playful adventure that transcends tradition

Picture a pair of candle holders projecting the iconic "coco" shape on the wall, six cleverly designed rings serving as napkin holders, a monster cradling a bottle and a friendly octopus concealing paper napkins. These "MONSTRUOS DOMÉSTICOS" come to life on your table, infusing both playfulness and utility into your living space.

ROMPECOCOS is not just a game; it's an invitation to explore creativity, intelligence and fun. Let your inner child roam free, engaging with these MONSTRUOS in a delightful challenge that transcends traditional board games. Join us on this playful adventure, where every move is a step towards unraveling the mysteries of the coconut world.

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