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Collection Salvarte of handmade products


How did the brand aim to promote responsible growth and integrate symbolism into its visual identity?

In 2004, the inception of the Salvarte brand took the spotlight, a brainchild of Salvarte LTDA. This visionary venture aimed at crafting and curating a diverse spectrum of Colombian origin, including arts, design and artisanal products for production, marketing, distribution and export. The commercialization meticulously adhered to legal quality and international standards, signifying the brand's commitment not only to sustain and grow in the market but also to promote responsible growth with social responsibility towards producers, employees and suppliers.

The graphical identity of Salvarte bore rich symbolism, with the logo embodying various elements, the five fingers representing the craft involved in artisanal product creation,

a jazz pick, an open-armed figure, a frog on a stone, a puzzle piece, a palette mark, the symbol of collective memory, the five continents, five regions of Colombia, the five fingers constituting a hand and the Earth's axis tilting at 23°, 27 minutes, and 30 seconds, akin to the art for Salvarte. This symbolism was meticulously reflected in the brand's visual elements, including logos, labels, branding on products, point of sale designs, stands, retail spaces, promotional material and store displays.

A Colombian brand passionately curating art, design, and artisanal goods, blending sustainability with meaningful symbolism for a lasting market impact

The concept and design contribution were deeply rooted in contemporary fashion trends and the expectations of the target audience. Whether in promotional materials or retail spaces, the aim was to construct an experience around the presentation and consumption of the Salvarte brand. The visual identity stood out for integrating carefully selected graphic pieces, materials and finishes, all crafted through a continuous process of brand development and evolution to ensure a lasting imprint in the target market.

For production and the development of Salvarte's visual identity, raw materials such as WPC cardboard, acetate for lithographic printing, and 120gsm propalcote paper were utilized for packaging.

Sustainability was a key consideration, opting for cellulose-based papers without plastic coatings to ensure recyclability of each printed piece in the stationery. Additionally, wood, vinyl, glass and steel were skillfully employed in the creation of elements for commercial spaces and retail points. The production processes were locally sourced, leveraging carpentry and metalworking for the design and crafting of specialized pieces tailored to the Salvarte brand, officially launching in May 2004. This marked a significant milestone in Salvarte's journey, blending artisanship with modern design, poised to captivate the market and leave an indelible mark.

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