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How was the design of this chair optimized to reduce material waste and facilitate easy assembly?

This chair unveiled a remarkable design concept showcasing how a few assemblies could manifest into a significant design. The fundamental idea behind this chair was to minimize material waste, a principle embedded in its very design.

The chair's finishes are characterized by clean and natural elements that seamlessly fit into any type of household, be it modern or classic. Furthermore, this chair was selected for exhibition at the Latin American Furniture Design showcase in Argentina and the Buenos Aires Design Salon.

The concept and design contribution of the Silla & revolved around the notion of "ready to assemble". The idea was to deliver the product in a portable-sized box, allowing the user to easily transport and assemble it upon purchase. The design's straight forms and angles instilled a sense of reliability and security in the user, promoting versatile usage in various settings.

This innovative chair showcases minimal material waste, easy assembly and versatile aesthetics, earning it a spot at prestigious design exhibitions in Argentina

Constructed from a single sheet of wood, the chair comprised 10 wooden pieces intricately cut from this sheet, optimizing material usage, an essential consideration to ensure responsible use of natural resources.

For production, an MDF sheet veneered with American walnut was employed. It was meticulously cut into ten pieces and assembled using minimal screws, presenting a final touch with a sealant and a matte transparent lacquer.

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