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How did this innovative chair design aim to transform homes and create a unique atmosphere?

In the year 2000, we designed  "PIROS Chairs". The term "Piros" draws its origins from the residue of Colombian aguardiente distillation, an indigenous alcoholic beverage. Additionally, it encompasses a prefix and suffix element implying fire in word formation.

Inspired by the transformation of an Egyptian throne, the PIROS Chairs evolved into "Domestic Monsters", adorning a playful semblance. The fusion of curves and the use of a single material sheet crafted a chair personifying a household entity. It's a chair that invites you into an empty room, instantly making you feel the presence of an audience or fellow diners.

The essence of the PIROS Chairs project lay in transforming caricatures into functional objects, embodying humoristic characters from CD&I Associates. The chairs aren't suited for the paranoid, owing to their unique form and design.

An innovative chair design that redefined home aesthetics, adding flair and personality

Targeting denizens of contemporary urban spaces, particularly those residing in studio apartments, the demographic ranged between 24 to 40 years old. Whether single, married or in a partnership, they possessed a distinctive taste for home decor, favoring personality over traditional norms and embracing an eclectic yet practical sense of style.

The vision behind PIROS Chairs was to infuse a sense of company into homes, ensuring that when people returned, they felt the presence of companionship. Playful and characterful, one chair conveyed a sense of slight aggression while the other radiated contentment. If you listened carefully upon exiting the room, it was as if they engaged in whispered conversations.

In terms of design, the wooden veneer was artfully curved to shape the chairs using a single mold, optimizing production processes and timelines. This pioneering concept was brought to life through the utilization of MicroStation 5.0 on a Pentium III PC.

The unveiling of the PIROS Chairs took place on December 11, 2000, at the CENTRO DE DISEÑO PORTOBELLO in Bogotá, followed by a presentation on November 2, 2000, at the UNIVERSITY CLUB in New York. These chairs marked a milestone in furniture design, embodying not only functionality but also a sense of humor and playful charisma within domestic spaces.

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