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How did this innovative display oven impact Colombian consumers' perception of Argentine empanadas?

"TATOO" Point of Purchase (P.O.P) Design (1999) CLIENT: Arango Asocia, Bogotá, Colombia Manufactured by: ROPIM S.A

"TATOO" a P.O.P design crafted by CD&I Associates, aimed at revolutionizing the display of "argentinian” snacks in self-service food stores. This innovative display oven ensures the products inside stay fresh and at the appropriate temperature, breaking away from traditional oven display typology.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Icon: "TATOO" is envisioned as a living presence within the space, leaving a lasting impression in consumers' minds. Its distinctive design, resembling a joyful, anthropomorphic creature, captures attention and guides consumers to the products quickly.

  • Promotional Impact: The design emphasizes the promotional aspect, generating a powerful impact on product promotion at various points of sale.

Innovative display oven for Argentine Empanadas in Colombian Supermarkets, Setting a new standard for freshness and impact

The project objective was to create a new display oven for "argentinas" empanadas, to be placed in Colombian self-service supermarket chains, maintaining product freshness and appropriate temperature. The aim was to position the product in consumers' minds in an innovative way through its unique display.

Constructed with clean steel and high-temperature-resistant policarbnated walls, "TATOO" embodies innovation both in design and functionality. The stainless steel arms provide space for condiments like ají or hygiene items like napkins. It's market launch date was on February 2000.

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