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The Mans Store


How did MANPOWER stores undergo a unique transformation to enhance the shopping experience?

In 2006, CD&I Associates undertook an ambitious venture to reposition the esteemed brand MANPOWER. This endeavor aimed to strategically redefine the brand's identity, emphasizing interior architecture, spatial distribution, material selection, and state-of-the-art technology to captivate consumers and entice them towards the showcased products.

Functioning as strategic brand consultants, CD&I Associates meticulously crafted overarching design concepts for each retail point, curated collection strategies, and fine-tuned the brand's positioning. The transformative efforts yielded remarkable results, with sales often doubling or even tripling at various locations.

The stores evolved into immersive retail spaces, redefining the shopping experience for discerning male clientele

The concept was centered around curating an exclusive space designed for the "Uber Man", a representation of the epitome of masculinity. The payment point, ingeniously designed as a bar, added a unique and engaging dimension to the shopping experience. Fitting rooms were reimagined into immersive spaces displaying images, advice and elements of fashion, creating an environment that appealed to the senses and aspirations of the discerning Uber man. The stores weren't just spaces for commerce; they symbolized the target market of Latino Uber male shoppers and the experience, offering a holistic representation of the brand dedicated to them.

The transformation of MANPOWER in 2006 is a testament to CD&I Associates design progress and strategic vision, aligning with market research looking to satisfy not only market findings but also CD&I’s beliefs. We understood that in today's market, this could be approached in a different way. At that precise moment in history, The Men’s Store emerged, answering a need in the market niche. Just as Victoria's Secret was using women as symbols, The Men’s Store was claiming the same for their market niches. In this way, we showcased their ability to propel a brand into a new era of success and resonance, particularly appealing to the Uber Man—the men’s store.

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