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Coffe maker Venti


How to develop the perfect coffe maker for Alessi?

Coffe maker Venti

"Venti" is a coffee maker designed during a prestigious workshop conducted by Alessi at its Center for Studies, overseen by Laura Polinoro and Domus Academy, where designer  Luis Angarita aimed for iconic simplicity, embodying the essence of Alessi's design classics with the goal to revolutionize moka-type coffee makers, envisioning future design paradigms. The result was the "Venti" coffee maker, a masterpiece that transcended conventional aesthetics.

"Venti" was designed to embody the Alessi philosophy, encompassing the Alessi spirit, aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. Each category was evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 by the Alessi evaluation committee. To secure production, a product needed to score thirteen or more points across these categories.

Functionality took center stage in "Venti". It consisted of three basic components: a lower body housing water and coffee filter, seamlessly integrated with the coffee maker's handle. This design allowed the brewed coffee to ascend to the upper container, signaling readiness. A subtle flutter of the upper lid indicated the coffee's perfect state.

A concept where the handle and the body combined become a monolithic sculpture redesigning the traditional Italian coffee Mocha pot

Aesthetically, "Venti" was a sculptural marvel, challenging the traditional concept of coffee makers. The integration of the handle and the body into a single aluminum and steel piece not only broke design norms but also streamlined manufacturing within the Italian factory.

Innovation was the heart of "Venti". It embraced simplicity while utilizing standard market components, enhancing its global market appeal. "Venti" emerged as a contemporary classic, an icon that redefined domestic culture.

The production process was a testament to modern technology. Aluminum injection and polishing processes were employed, ensuring the highest quality. The central handle, with its aluminum insulating feature, withstood the rigors of high temperatures. Coffee filters were meticulously crafted from stainless steel.

Bearing the hopes of Alessi and the ingenuity of CD&I Associates, Venti was a Finalist of Lápiz de Acero Concept Design 2004, it was more than just a coffee maker; it was an emblem of innovative design and a tribute to the art of coffee brewing.

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