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Restaurante zacatelimon


How should I redesign the dining experience to transform my restaurant into my customers’ preferred spot to eat and socialize?

Claudia Chamorro had a vision to create a place where people could escape their daily routine and enjoy a memorable meal. They approached our company to update their existing restaurant and provide a more impactful experience. Through market research, we translated the client's business plans into actionable processes, allowing them to identify trends and anticipate their customers needs, we also found out that customers from the city's premium sectors desired a gourmet space with a unique and fun atmosphere.

To meet these requirements, we redesigned the brand, kitchen, and menu, and introduced new elements such as interiors, vehicles, uniforms, furniture, and lighting. The restaurant was reimagined as a "café-resto", drawing inspiration from renowned bistros in Paris and New York. Accessibility was prioritized, and various features like murals, blackboards, mobile bars, video screens, and interactive printed menus were incorporated to foster socialization. Attention to detail was evident throughout the project, from creating an acoustic design for the kitchen to developing a signature smiling chair in the social areas.

With one of the French chefs’ inputs on our team, we planned the kitchen space with everything needed to produce a new menu.

Our company provided comprehensive support, delivering an annual marketing plan that included designs for multiple seasons, strategic objectives, and tactics to ensure sustained success. We actively monitored trends, managed social networks and introduced new concepts. After 28 seasons, the restaurant's murals and themes have become cherished traditions, enticing customers to return for fresh, healthy, and joyful experiences.

The success of our company's approach was further validated by chef Franklin Becker's recognition of the trend toward fast and healthy informal dining. This acknowledgment affirmed that we had successfully anticipated developing trends, combining their passion for food with innovation to create a winning formula.

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